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A.L. Masters:
The Exciting New Name in Crime

Welcome to the world of
Detective Inspector “Spence” Hargreaves

For years, A L Masters had always sought out crime novels of a certain kind. They
should have a sense of place. They should have characters that were real,
believable, interesting and flawed. The protagonist should be someone that the
reader wanted to stay with. Villains should be ordinary and yet diabolical. He was
not drawn to those crime novels in which the author wanted to show off their years of detailed research into ballistics and forensics and complex police and legal
procedures. He wanted stories that were believable and yet took the reader in
unexpected directions and had that ‘what on earth is going to happen next’ quality.
And a touch of humour now and then does not go amiss either.

It was not always easy to find them.

And so, after over thirty years of writing History – books, articles and teacher guides –
he decided to write those crime novels himself.



Malicious Obsession

His name is Winston Leonard Spencer Hargreaves, but Detective Inspector Hargreaves of Wiltshire Police is ‘Spence’, even to the Chief Constable.


of Grandeur

Spence Hargreaves has been luxuriating in a local blues festival, held in wintry Malmesbury.


The Evil
Of Virtue

Everything is separate, is unrelated, we are all living our own separate lives. Or are we?

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