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A L Masters entered the world with a totally different name and continues to coexist with his alter ego. Many writers seek to play up their tough background and thus gain some admiration for their eventual success.

A L Masters? Working class kid from a council estate in an industrial town in southern England, whose father worked in ‘the factory’ as the railway works was called. Nothing special in that. At age six, he was considered ‘retarded’ to use the terms of the time, and destined for ‘the special school in Gladstone Street’. He was later diagnosed as 90% deaf. The future did not look too good. And then, a chance encounter with a young GP changed his life. Soon he could hear. How life can change direction.

Hearing kind of helped his school life. He went through to ‘A’ levels, the first in his family ever to do so. University followed. Then at age 22, it was off to Australia. In the years to follow lots of travel, a career in senior teaching, and a family.

A L Masters’ alter ego has been a successful writer of History since the late 1980s. Over the years, countless senior students in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand and international schools across Asia, have made use of his many books on everything from the Weimar Republic to the Vietnam War to the Emperor Augustus to ‘what is History?’. He still works extensively in the area of Modern History.

Yet inside was the crime writer seeking to escape from this world of History. Again and again, ‘Spence’ Hargreaves was pushed aside to make way for Winston Churchill or Ho Chi Minh. But finally, the world of ‘Spence Hargreaves’ won out.

There have been four novels in the ‘Spence Hargreaves’ series: “Malicious Obsession”, “Delusions of Grandeur”, “The Evil of Virtue” and “Patient Vengeance”.

Number FIVE is underway and will appear later in 2022. Title TBA.

A L Masters lives in Sydney, Australia but returns to the ‘mother country’ whenever the opportunity allows.

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